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Marantz Hi-Fi Campaign

The Marantz Model 30 campaign highlights and celebrates Marantz’s history of delivering class-leading hi-fi experience since 1953, representing a pinnacle of audio architecture for audiophiles. The concept aims to showcase the extraordinary hi-fi listening experience. The art direction begins by echoing the iconic Marantz porthole used at the video’s outset, transitioning viewers into a world of modern musical luxury.

Social Story

Creative Director: Lina Romeo Art Director: Will Hong Senior Designer: Dom Cooper Executive Producer/Prod Co: Nina Millane, The New Black Creative Prop & Wardrobe Stylist: Daniella Carrera Hair & Makeup: Cathi Singh Videography & Editing: Zach Griffin, Hoda Arian Photographer: Michael Lembke, Roxanne Sta Ana Copywriter: Quinn Llutkenhoff