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Marantz Model 40n Campaign

Launched a global audio campaign that infused brand imaging to include product heritage, modern lifestyle imagery, and audience inclusivity. Art directed digital assets to activate across social media channels resulting in increased engagement, follower growth, and new audience reach.



  • Increased post cadence for launch (daily posts for two weeks).  The tease launch occurred on Feb 12 with a broad reach across target segments (audiophiles and luxury).
  • Average post engagement increased MTD by 692%+. Average engagements were 8,217 compared to 2,458 in January.
  • Brand Instagram ranked highest at 227k MTD in February when compared to 32k in January (+609%).
  • Impression share increased to 192.49k Feb 12-22 when compared to 38k in January.

Social Media Content

Creative Director: Lina Romeo Senior Designer: Dom Cooper Executive Producer/Prod Co: Nina Millane, The New Black Creative Prop & Wardrobe Stylist: Daniella Carrera Hair & Makeup: Davia Matson Principal Photographer: Bil Zelman Photographers: Michael Lembke, Roxanne Sta Ana DP & Editor: Daniel Agustin Videography & Editing: Zach Griffin, Hoda Arian Copywriter: Quinn Llutkenhoff