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Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar is known for its natural and organic personal care products. I created digital social content for Raw Sugar, which involved understanding its brand identity, target audience, and marketing goals. Here's a sample of digital social content across various platforms: social, email, and animated gifs.

Instagram Carousels

Crafting captivating social media stories and carousels, I ensure each element communicates ingredients to the senses, standing out in the digital crowd. Every detail, from imagery to typography, is meticulously designed and curated to resonate deeply with the audience, ultimately elevating the brand's presence and driving meaningful engagement across social platforms.

Animated Gifs

Dynamic and lively animations that swiftly showcase the product, highlight its ingredients, and embody the vibrant energy of the models.

Instagram Post

Translating creative content for alternative channels.

Email Design

Designed trigger and flow optimization emails with careful consideration, mirroring the essence of Raw Sugar.